9 January 2003

A mole's-eye-view of the world on one of those aggressively clear winter days we get occasionally. It's out of focus because I had the macro setting on, but this is actually a pretty good representation of what the world looks like on a day like this to a Seattleite used to the normal state of winter in the big room with the leaky grey ceiling.

This one has a cool artifact from the overwhelmed detector in this cheapie camera. Probably even closer to how my brain felt looking at this scene ;-)

Ahhh! This is the view from the back door of Siemens when I left work around 8pm. (the blinding shots above are from around noon when I went in)

Somebody lost a glove. It's sitting in the west-bound bike lane on 56th avenue in Issaquah just east of Costco, if it's yours.