Woodworking References

First, and foremost, if you want to use hand tools to work wood, you must find your way to the Oldtools mailing list.

Second, if you have any interest in Stanley planes, you simply must read Patrick Leach's Stanley Blood & Gore.

Tom Price offers an unofficial guide to the porch in his Galoot's Progress.

Russ Allen maintains the Galoot Bios as well as some historical threads of interest and other stuff.

John Gunterman's shavings.net has a wealth of information and links to other galootish sites.

You can take a stroll through metal head George Langford's basement.

Stan Faullin has scans of instruction sheets for lots of old tools as well as other good info.

Ralph Brendler has a wealth of info about marking gauges and a truly wonderful tutorial on Shaker oval box construction.

Jeff Gorman has a number of instructive articles on planing, sharpening, and not cutting off parts of your anatomy.

Bretton Wade has been spearheading the effort to form a Galoot Cooperative.

BugBear has a plethora of eclectic and offbeat things including a bench page clearing house and some unusual but useful tool modifications.

It's not really woodworking, but in the spirit of using old methods, see Primitive Ways. They do have what looks like an easy-to-make shaving horse.



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