Woodworking requirement #3: tools

I'm slowly accumulating the tools I need to do basic hand tool woodwork.

I haven't quite figured out how to store all this stuff yet, but here's some shots of the inside of my shop that'll give you an idea what I'm up to.

a mess of tools This is the left-most corner of my useable shop space.

As you can see I'm not particularly organized. There's a Joe Duclos holdfast hanging up at the top (no bench to whack it into yet), 2 10-inch braces and an 8-inch (my 14-inch was in use). A pretty random assortment of auger bits. A couple of try squares, and a modern mortise gauge. There's a couple of steel spoke shaves, and a block plane on the shelf. There's a mess of junk on the table. You might be able to make out my routah (#71), rabbet plane (#78), a Disston saw vise, the little in-line vise. The rubbermaid container holds my combination water stone.

a mess of tools Here's the middle of the wall.

Here you can see my puny collection of saws. There's a Shurley rip on the left, and a Disston cross-cut on the right. The gents saw in the middle is a new cheap one from Lee Valley. The backsaw is a Disston #4 dovetail saw. Below the saws you can see the ubiquitous set of Marples chisels (and one everlast - 1/8"). There's an angle guage to the right of the chisels and a bevel gauge below them. On the high shelf to the right, you can just make out a froe that's waiting for a handle. Down below that is my jack plane. On the table at the left is my sole smoother, a #4.

a mess of tools Farther to the right, you can see my pipe clamps, a long straight edge, my shop journal, and my battery-powered radio. That's about it. Except for some smaller stuff in a couple of tool boxes, mostly machinist tools and random stuff that I inherited from an old neighbor.

All the planes are waiting for me to restore them to useable condition. The #4 is just barely useable, but the jack, router, block planes, and rabbet all need some work.



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