March 27, 2003


Over on Le PrÍtre Noir, Fr. Bo talks about the difficulty of preaching the gospel to a pro-war congregation. He points out that the true evil that besets us is the division that is being sown in our midst, and that the solution to that is for every one of us to try hard to love our neighbors, and from that love, find ways to understand and bridge our differences.

We were watching some of the documentary content on the extended Fellowship of the Ring DVD last night. Tolkien repeatedly denied that LotR was written about the war, and I believe that he believed that. But, in this time, it's easy to read the Ring as a symbol of violent conflict. Reading Fr. Bo just now I flashed on the scene at the Council of Elrond where the ring is before the council and they have begun to argue about what is to be done. They don't yet recognize that the real enemy is their hunger for the supposed quick fix of power and destruction.

Posted by jeffy at March 27, 2003 06:53 PM