May 09, 2003


color-coded map of soft drink namesThis is old bloggage, but there's a new map out there that's worth a look. There's various regional names for carbonated beverages. The most common are "Coke", "Pop", and "Soda", but there's very marked regional variability on this point. This map breaks it down by county showing what the dominant form is for each US county and how prevalent it is. Becky missed being a Soda person by the width of the Michigan/Wisconsin border (and maybe a few years. Rach, are you Pop or Soda?) Of course everyone knows that the correct form is "Soda".
Posted by jeffy at May 9, 2003 05:46 PM

I grew up saying "pop," but I actually remember forceably breaking myself of the habit when we moved to California--"soda"-land.

I consider the word "soda" to be decidedly more refined--just ask my dear friend Dorothy in New Hampshire.

Unfortunately when I'm tired or under stress, the word "pop" slips out, revealing the land of my birth.

Posted by: Rachel at May 12, 2003 01:53 PM
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