May 11, 2003


CharadeWatched the version on the flip side of the Truth About Charlie DVD. And, as I recalled, it's a much better movie than Demme's new remake. A large part of that betterness is due to the fact that the 1963 version is funny. Audrey Hepburn's character is forever making snide remarks and non sequiturs the way only Audrey Hepburn can, and there's no better straight man than Cary Grant. This was one of Grant's last movies before he retired from acting. It should count for at least a couple of roles with all the identities he goes through in the course of the movie (though they're all Cary Grant by another name). The fight scenes are all kind of cheesy, but they still manage to be suspenseful. Fun little movie.

Verdict: 3 stars (out of 4)

Posted by jeffy at May 11, 2003 11:02 PM