May 30, 2003

Time to tune in

I know that I'm not the only one who has somewhat tuned out of the daily depression-inducer that is the news as we know it. As the race warms up for the 2004 presidential elections, I think it's our duty to tune back in and do whatever we can to ensure that 2005 brings us a president who is more likely to support the America we love rather than strip mining its resources to feed the appetites of his rich buddies.

Toward that end, is hosting a straw poll to see who among the Democratic candidates are most supported by MoveOn members so they can involve those candidates in their agenda setting activities.

I find that I don't know enough about these candidates to make a fully informed decision in the poll so I'm going to be doing a little research. At this point what I'm mostly interested in is what the candidates say they stand for, so I'm going to do my research by examining their individual campaign web sites. This post is here mostly to serve as a starting point, but also as impetus through commitment: if I say I'm going to do this right here in front of God and everybody, I'll be more likely to follow through.

Here's the field as we know it (web site addresses found using google for "first last president". The number in square brackets indicates how far down in the search results I had to go to find the candidate's campaign site):

Stay tuned for my condensations of their positions.

Posted by jeffy at May 30, 2003 11:35 PM
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