June 15, 2003


This is so embarassing! Our home pc, got infected with a virus. Actually it's a worm, but whatever. It's called W32.Bugbear.B@mm.

It seems to have forwarded an old email of mine to a bunch of places yesterday afternoon with itself attached. :-(

So if you got an email from me on Saturday with a subject of "sites to check out" and an attachment called "bfc_application_1.pdf.scr", don't open it! (This is the one I know about, but it's possible it had sent other stuff. I haven't sent anyone an email with an attachment intentionally, so check with me if you got a strange email. Same goes for mail from Becky.)

If it's already too late, the thing is easy to kill. There's a little application to remove it at Symantec's site here.

The symptoms we were seeing were that Norton Anti-virus would disappear when we ran it. It also kept our system from shutting down completely. It'd stop with just a blinking white cursor on a black screen.

This is the first time we've had a virus infection in all the years we've been messing about with computers. I know just how I got infected, and I'm not going to tell you because it's just too embarassingly stupid.

Posted by jeffy at June 15, 2003 08:32 PM