September 10, 2003

Lust Over Pendle by A. J. Hall

pendle.jpgDespite the cover picture, this is an ebook-only release. Click on the book cover to go download your very own copy.

Lust Over Pendle is fan fiction set in the same universe and with many of the same characters as the Harry Potter books. It is the special kind of fan fiction known as "slash" in which well-known characters from well-known works are paired up romantically in combinations that never occurred in their original incarnations. It's called slash because of the tendency to classify such stories by referring to the characters who are involved like "Kirk/Spock" or "Buffy/Willow" or "Archie/Meathead". As you might begin to suspect from those examples, slash often pairs same-sex characters, often in stark contrast to their original outward inclinations.

Lust Over Pendle is a Draco/Neville story. It takes place after the end of the seven years of Hogwarts that Rowling's books are slated to cover. Voldemort has been vanquished. Harry Potter has only a cameo in this book. Where Rowling's books are fairly plot-driven, Hall writes a much more character-driven yarn. There is a plot, but it's sort of unfocused and rambling. The characterization makes up for it. Neville's grandmother and Draco's mother play large parts in the story. Neville's grandmother kept reminding me of Granny Weatherwax from Pratchett's Discworld books.

This is a full-length novel that Hall will never see a dime for since zhe is playing in Rowling's sandbox, but if you can't wait for the next Potter book, it's a fine way to spend a couple of evenings.

Hall has a few other short pieces with these same characters available via the site behind the book cover, and there's rumored to be a second novel-length work on its way.

Posted by jeffy at September 10, 2003 11:32 PM

The sequel to 'Lust Over Pendle', 'Dissipation and Despair', by A.J. Hall. It is available at:

Or search for 'Dissipation and Despair' on Google! It's proving to be very popular...

You can download or read-online.

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Posted by: Russell Baldwin at November 14, 2003 12:00 AM

Besides many short fiction pieces, some of them snippets from the "backstory" before LoP, there is now a Third e-novel in the primary series, _Perilous Point_ available on the above mentioned website. Enjoy. I did.

Posted by: Dale D. at January 10, 2005 01:31 PM
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