November 23, 2003

Self in dimness

me in Red SquareI'd never tried the self-timer on this camera before. It works. Beck and I went to see Grupo Corpo, a Brazilian dance company at the Meany Theatre at UW on Friday night. After the show the stairs down to the parking garage were clogged so we went outside for a bit. This is about a three-second exposure (metered by the camera) of me standing in Red Square. I bumped up the brightness, but it's otherwise straight off the camera. Click the thumbnail for the full-size version if you actually want to see anything.

The dancers were fabulous. Strongly recommended if you get the opportunity to see them. There's a little video clip of them doing an earlier piece at this site. The group seems to have registered, but there's nothing there yet (except one of those annoying domain registration ads).

Posted by jeffy at November 23, 2003 03:15 PM
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