January 14, 2004

Lost Glove #12

glove040114T.jpgFirst lost glove of 2004. First lost glove with the OptioS4. I was spoiled by the fixed focus on the Chameleon. I haven't mastered the idiosyncracies of the Pentax's auto-focus yet. And sadly even at maximum enlargement on the lcd, it's hard to tell if you've gotten a sharp picture in the field. More practice is needed.

Anyway, this glove is in the gated fire lane behind the King County Courthouse in Issaquah.

My friends are starting to tease me about my glove fetish. I just keep seeing them. It's strange what you see around you if you adjust your focus. It's bizarre that so many gloves are lost in the three miles between my house and my job. Only two of the gloves I've posted so far (#7 and #8) have been outside of this tiny area. I should make a map while I can still remember them all.

I gave the gloves their own category so I don't have to keep putting in links to previous entries in the series.

Posted by jeffy at January 14, 2004 10:53 PM

Happy New Year!

I don't think you really have a discarded glove
fetish, but it depends on what you do with your
photos when nobody is around :-) And gloves want
to be lost. What amazes me is the frequency
with which undergarments and shoes are lost
along some of my chronic routes.

The viewpoint of a commuting bicyclist is almost
unique. You have time to see things as they go by,
and you must attend to objects of all sizes: a
car can kill you, but something the size of a fist
in the roadway can have you kissing concrete in
a heartbeat.

Posted by: Dan L at January 15, 2004 12:15 PM