January 27, 2004


x2.jpgSecond in the new X-Men franchise. The first one had to spend half the movie introducing all the characters, so this one had a little more screen time to devote to storytelling. In retrospect (it's been over a week since we watched it), I don't recall that they actually took advantage of the opportunity. There was a little bit of motion along a larger character arc for a bunch of the characters, but it seems like each one only got a few minutes of screen time for their story. If this were a weekly series that would be okay, but with years between installments it's going to take awhile to get to know these characters.

Actually, it'd make a great weekly series. It's got just enough of the soap opera thing going, and the overall comic book reality gives you plenty of opportunity for introducing outlandish events to keep the story hopping along. Probably wouldn't be able to get all these great actors in on a regular gig like that, though. Then there's the whole budget issue.

Still, it's a fun popcorn movie and left me looking forward to the next one.

Posted by jeffy at January 27, 2004 10:35 PM
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