March 04, 2004

John Crowley's Little, Big to have 25th Anniversary Edition

Friday night at Potlatch, publisher Ron Drummond announced plans for a new edition of John Crowley's beloved novel.

Little, Big was originally published in 1981. Evidently Crowley was unhappy with the original book design. It was good as far as it went, but he had envisioned more of a 1920s Art Nouveau thing.

Incunabula Press did a limited edition run of Crowley's Antiquities that he was happy with (no surprise since it's a gorgeous book (one copy of which sits on my shelf *gloat*)).

So Incunabula will be producing a limited edition printing of Little, Big completely re-typeset and re-designed. And with illustrations by artist Peter Milton.

Milton does engravings/etchings that could have been inspired by Crowley's work if it weren't for the fact that Milton created them before having read any of Crowley's books (actually during the same time period during which Crowley was writing them, which is kind of creepy). The book will be illustrated with copies of 13 Milton etchings as well as a bunch of expanded details from those same works. The Davidson Gallery here in Seattle has some examples of Milton's work.

The new edition will be published on a subscription basis so that production costs are covered up-front. There will be a regular trade hardcover edition of 1500 copies selling for $75, a group of 600 numbered copies at $200, and finally a set of 26 lettered editions for $800. To sweeten the deal on the $800 edition, they will be printed with a four-page blank spread to be filled in by John Crowley with a personalized inscription along with your chosen passage from the book written out in longhand. Here's a sample of Crowley's writing so you can see why this is cool.

There is a web page for the project at Scroll down to see content (it seems obvious, but it took me a while to figure out that there was content below the fold on the opening page).

Must find more pennies.

Posted by jeffy at March 4, 2004 03:12 PM

I am looking to purchase full size copies of
Peter Milton's artwork. I noticed you state some gallery in Seattle are offering copies for $75.00.
Would you kindly send me the link or name of the gallery,so I can make some purchases.The origionals are just too expensive!

Paul A.

Posted by: Paul Andrus at November 10, 2004 12:02 AM

Hi Paul,

The $75 refers to the trade edition of the book _Little Big_, not reproductions of Militon's work (although the book will include works by Milton which is why I mentioned him at all.)

I don't know of any source for reproductions of Milton's etchings. You could enquire of the Davidson Gallery and see if they know of

Good luck

Posted by: jeffy at November 10, 2004 12:42 AM
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