June 21, 2004



light040617_2T.jpg light040617_3T.jpg light040617_4T.jpg light040617_5T.jpg

Last Thursday night there was a doozy of a thunderstorm in the Cascade foothills. It ran for several hours with multiple lightning flashes per minute. Other parts of the country might take this kind of thing for granted, but around here this is an event!

When it was obvious that the storm wasn't going to slow down I decided to try to take some pictures. My new camera (Optio S4) doesn't have the ability to take anything like a long exposure so I dropped back to the old Kodak DC290. Set up the tripod on the back patio and set it for its longest exposure (16 seconds) and started clicking away. Mostly I got dark frames with a scattering of noise from the ccd, but when a flash was in frame it did all right. The thumbnails don't render the bolts very well so click through if you've got the bandwidth (or time).

The storm was so far away we didn't get much thunder (or rain), but the light show sure was fun.

Posted by jeffy at June 21, 2004 12:45 AM

My pictures are kind of cute, but Seattle P-I photographer Mike Urban took this one that is just breathtaking.

Posted by: jeffy at June 21, 2004 01:03 AM
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