August 31, 2004

Barb de Michele

Back on the 23rd, we had a "coffee hour" for one of our local candidates. Barbara de Michele is running for Washington State House of Representatives here in the 5th district. I met Barb when she was acting as treasurer for a group raising money for an artwork to be placed in the new Issaquah Library in memory of local education hero Kateri Brow. Barb is a great candidate with solid background in two of the most important issues in the 5th: Education and Transportation.

We volunteered to host a gathering in our house back when Barb announced her candidacy. We solicited the help of some of the neighbors we met at the Caucuses back in February and as a group we invited nearly 60 people to end up with a gathering of 23 people in our little house!

It was exhilarating to help bring our neighbors and friends together with a candidate. People asked lots of questions. There was even some healthy dissent. And when Barb goes to Olympia next year we'll all know our representative and what she stands for.


Posted by jeffy at August 31, 2004 08:50 PM
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