October 01, 2004


I've never really liked the built-in bookmark facilities in any of the browsers I've used over the years. Hierarchies just aren't very good for classifying things.

I started using another Moveable Type blog as a bookmark system. I called it Mad Hammer since my abuse of the weblog tool as a bookmark tool reminded me of the adage "When all you have is a hammer everything starts looking like a nail" and since I liked the pun on Mad Hatter. I had planned to give it a title picture showing a hammer with a tag on it saying "In this style 10/6" to complete the reference. (which reminds me that Mad Hatter Day is coming up next week). It was convenient since the bookmarklet I already use to blog a site could be used to bookmark a site, and because the bookmarks entered into it were available from any computer anywhere (in particular the three different machines I use regularly). But the category support in MT was clumsy enough that I never got around to adding all the categories I really wanted, and the support for having multiple categories on a single entry is prohibitively complex.

Anyway, I finally saw enough people using del.icio.us that I went and tried it out, and I think I've found my bookmark solution at least for now. The del.icio.us bookmarklet lets you assign any number of tags to each entry just by listing the words. You can include a comment about the link. It's easy to edit stuff once it's in there, and search it too. It's web-based so it's visible from whatever computer I'm on. Plus you can see other people's bookmarks too, including easily seeing who else has bookmarked a particular site. It's really pretty spiffy. Best of all, nobody had snagged the handle "jeffy" yet. I've added a link to my area in the link section of my main index template if you want to check up on my bookmarking activity.

Posted by jeffy at October 1, 2004 10:44 PM