October 15, 2004

100 reasons not to blog

  1. Firefly
  2. reading blogs
  3. sleep
  4. too much trouble to resize picture
  5. comment spam
  6. Buffy
  7. picture not good enough
  8. didn't take a picture
  9. work
  10. nice outside
  11. weboggle
  12. too far behind
  13. can't decide which entry to write first
  14. have started not watching movies because it would lengthen the backlog of movie reviews I need to write and post, and anything that can make me do something that stupid shouldn't be supported
  15. ditto books
  16. should make lunch
  17. need to empty dishwasher
  18. cat box needs cleaning
  19. my blogging isn't as interesting as other people's
  20. people might read it and see what a dork I am
  21. too busy working on the campaign
  22. should be working on the campaign
  23. nobody reads it anyway
  24. yeah, okay, three people
  25. they probably should be doing other things too
  26. too much trouble to find and edit in all the links I want to add
  27. need to redo my templates and style sheets first
  28. have to upgrade Moveable Type
  29. or maybe I should switch to Word Press
  30. or Grey Matter
  31. too busy writing in my Live Journal
  32. can't decide whether it should go in my blog or my Live Journal
  33. might embarass my family
  34. maybe I completely missed the point of that movie
  35. looking at the stars
  36. need to fix my bike's rear brakes
  37. the car needs new tires
  38. who needs to hear another political rant at this point?
  39. might start another series that I'll have to obsessively keep up with
  40. I have a new niece: Fiona Eileen Curley born 10/14/04
  41. kitties want to play
  42. could use a shower
  43. rather read a book
  44. The Daily Show (on tape)
  45. blogging doesn't pay the bills
  46. blogs don't cuddle
  47. what have i got to prove?
  48. i could be selling all my stuff on ebay
  49. shisensho
  50. lawn needs mowing
  51. hardwood floors would be nice
  52. no wifi on my palm
  53. tiger mountain is three blocks away
  54. always wanted to learn to kayak
  55. The West Wing (on DVD)
  56. portland is only three hours by train
  57. vancouver is less
  58. if i did it today they'd expect it every day
  59. no gloves
  60. some psycho might deduce where i live and steal all my good stuff
  61. keep thinking i should pick up trash along my commute route
  62. wastes electrons
  63. people in china don't have blogs
  64. girls might think i'm sexy if my blog was cooler, but i'm happily married so i'd have to turn them down and they'd be sad
  65. might accidentally give away how self-absorbed i am
  66. could use up all my allotment of good ideas
  67. might lead to having to talk to people
  68. need to find a good recipe for baked beans
  69. Angel (on DVD)
  70. batteries going dead on laptop
  71. windows crashed
  72. Six Feet Under (on DVD)
  73. maybe i should jump on the NaNoWriMo bandwagon
  74. I think i'm going for a walk
  75. can't fit post in 4k palm memo
  76. have to learn to photoshop pictures into betterness
  77. haven't posted all the other things i've got a draft for yet
  78. might wake up Becky
  79. have to return some email
  80. need to delete a few thousand emails
  81. vocabulary too limited
  82. not enough time before I have to leave the house
  83. post will be longer than anyone could reasonably be expected to read
  84. no one will leave any comments
  85. should I really be displaying my neuroses for all the world to see?
  86. might get some comments
  87. wouldn't exercise be a better use of the time?
  88. Carpal Tunnel
  89. this chair makes my butt fall asleep
  90. I'm late
  91. preview templates in moveable type don't look anything like the final version
  92. need to surf the blogs I read yesterday to see if anyone has responded to the comments I left
  93. have to look up the html to cause the list to continue across the extended entry
  94. or maybe it will just work
  95. have to get ready for work
  96. should check work email before I go to lunch
  97. hey look, I have gmail
  98. have to try out Google Desktop Search
  99. wanted to revise my site stat collector
  100. I really am late

Posted by jeffy at October 15, 2004 11:19 AM

This is great!

Posted by: Julie at October 15, 2004 10:32 PM

Very funny.
I am a beginner at blogging and I really like he feature "continue reading" that would be useful in so many blogs.
Is that a code that can be used in a simple blog operated under blogger or typepad or do you need a more flexible format that you can program yourself?

Posted by: philippe at October 17, 2004 06:52 AM

This is really funny! Love it! Thanks!

Posted by: joann at October 17, 2004 01:54 PM

Excuses, excuses.

Then again, like I should talk about excuses.

Posted by: Tara at October 17, 2004 05:50 PM

Thanks for the comments everyone!

I answered Philippe in email (most blog sw has some kind of extended entry capability)

Posted by: jeffy at October 17, 2004 07:05 PM

This is truly very funny. You got me to laugh way more than the top allotted number of times for one post...Wish I'd thought of this post first. I'll have to settle to linking to it like my friend Julie :-) Thanks.

Posted by: Katherine at October 18, 2004 06:27 PM

Glad you enjoyed it!

I release the idea into the public domain. It'd be fun to read other people's reasons.

Posted by: jeffy at October 18, 2004 06:30 PM

I should also be asleep, as I have been up for over 18 hours now, agreed to play tennis tomorrow, unless it rains, and go to work after that, and just finished dinner and it is after ten p.m.,,,however, I read about you in Katherine's blog (she got it from Julie, a friend of mine and my daughter, Katherine), and I went from her blog to your 100 reasons. I have yet to blog myself, but I enjoy reading and commenting; so my comment is: I think you would be a fun person to know. I live in VA, Julie is in WA, and Katherine in CA. Such a great way to connect with all of God's children! Cheers!

Posted by: Patricia Taylor at October 19, 2004 07:12 PM

Looks like you have more than 3 readers, J!
I would have commented earlier, but I should be

  • transcribing the minutes for the board meeting,
  • shopping for some birthday presents,
  • removing nails from a hundred battens,
  • selling a taillight on ebay,
  • going for a walk with the dog,
  • installing Mickey's broader band,
  • cleaning leaves out of the gutters,
  • getting the furniture in the office cleared,
  • caging the manure heap,
  • eating something,
  • drinking more coffee,
  • checking on Mt. St. Helens,
  • checking on Old Faithful,
  • checking on Bobofett,
  • checking on Bill,
  • checking on Ginmar,
  • checking the radar,
  • checking Arroyo Hondo,
  • fixing some of these links,
  • hiking on over to Norma's
  • finding a unique and satisfying job,
  • writing about those turkeys crossing the road,
  • asking neighbors about the tarantulas,
  • shoring up the birdbath,
  • vacuuming the rugs,
  • drinking some more coffee?
  • having a utility bonfire,
  • going to hot lunch!

Posted by: Dan L at October 20, 2004 07:50 AM

You rock. Very funny. I aspire to your funniness. Ciao, from an old friend.

Posted by: Tamson O at November 6, 2004 05:35 PM