November 08, 2004

Lost Glove #28

glove and fire hydrant by streetlight

Last Thursday we went to the Seattle First Baptist Church to see and hear author Wendell Berry read from his latest novel. Readers of Mad Times may recognize Mr. Berry's name from the header of this very blog since it was a line from one of his poems that led me to my title.

Berry reads with a soft, slow Kentucky accent that could lull you to sleep if it weren't also making you relish every phrase. The reading was delightful.

And it was well worth the logistical hassle of getting me to Capitol Hill from downtown Issaquah without a car in time for the 7:00 reading. I was hiking up Madison from 4th Avenue where I got off the 554 bus. I'd detoured half a block north to check the menu at Star Thai and decide whether I had time to grab a bite (didn't). Walking back to Madison, I saw this glove.

Life goes on.

Posted by jeffy at November 8, 2004 11:30 PM