March 02, 2005

Lost glove sites

I got a nice email the other day from Annie Johnson drawing my attention to her new lost glove site, It's a hoot! Annie and her friends have been collecting lost gloves they see around the town of York in Northern England. The site features pictures of lost gloves, explanation of the mission of their project, and a Glove Patrol section where individual contributors get credit for their finds. There's even a bulletin board for discussion of topics glovey. There are 445 gloves in her collection which she started at the beginning of 2004. And you thought I was obsessed! Of course York has nearly 200,000 people while Issaquah has less than 10,000 so it's only natural they have a lot more lost gloves than we do, plus they're about 6 degrees farther north than I am and have quite a bit more freezing weather. With the advent of the website, Annie hopes that it will become possible for people to find their lost gloves on her site and be reunited with them.

And speaking of reuniting lost handgear with its owners, this week I also stumbled across Canada's National Post's new National Mitten Registry which exists for this very purpose. Canadians from all provinces are encouraged to send in found gloves in exchange for a handy tote bag. Once received, the gloves are posted on the registry site where they wait hopefully for their owners to see them.

So Canada and York are covered. What happens to lost gloves in your neighborhood?

Posted by jeffy at March 2, 2005 11:32 PM

That's really funny! What WILL they think of next?

Posted by: Katherine at March 3, 2005 05:49 PM