August 24, 2005

New look

If you read this on the site, you'll notice there's a new look. If you're reading the feed, pop over and take a peek.

Since day one, Mad Times hasn't displayed properly in Internet Explorer. Every other browser I've ever tried has been able to display it as I intended, but IE wouldn't. I tried various CSS/HTML incantations to fix it a long time ago and none of it preserved the successful rendering in every other browser on the planet while fixing the problem with IE so I just left it alone. Then last week I took a look at Joel Spolsky's spec for his Project Aardvark where he said "We will use CSS for formatting but not positioning since CSS positioning is too buggy on modern browsers: we’ll just use tables for most positioning." And the scales fell from my eyes. Three lines of html (and half a dozen removed lines of CSS) later, the page renders identically on Firefox and IE.

Since I was tweaking the templates anyway I slapped in the new banner I'd been playing with and a few other little things. I decided not to go to the single-column format I'd tried out previously after some beta readers said they missed the sidebar and would be unlikely to look at another page for it.

Anyhoo, let me know what you think. And definitely let me know if you notice anything not working quite right.

BTW, the background image in the banner is a detail from a painting by Becky Brooks (my lovely and talented wife).

Posted by jeffy at August 24, 2005 07:08 PM