September 28, 2005

Lost Glove #61

well-worn glove on dirty, spray-painted sidewalk

Wow, it's been a bonanza week for gloves, eh? This one is satisfyingly well-worn unlike most I see which look like they were practically new before they were lost.

This one also gives me an opportunity to vent a little. It's sitting on the sidewalk in a construction zone that's been making my ride home from work each night an adventure. This is one of the streets between work and home and it's been closed to traffic all this week. The other street between work and home is open, but the sidewalk and right lane are closed and torn up with other construction. If I were driving it wouldn't be a big deal, but biking a busy street that's been funnelled down to one lane is not a recipe for happy fun time. Hopefully all this night work will get the job done soon.

Posted by jeffy at September 28, 2005 11:53 PM