July 21, 2006


Half Persion 4-1
This weave has the not-very-evocative name of Half Persian 4-1. The instructions behind the link say "Half Persian 4-1 is widely considered one of the most difficult chainmaille weaves," but once I got past the tricky first few links, it was pretty easy which I must attribute to those being really good directions. I made this as a birthday present for my soon-to-be 5-year-old niece, but I got a little carried away and made it long enough for my wrist. Easy enough to make it shorter when I have her wrist in range to determine how much shorter.

I haven't mentioned here that we're going with said niece and her parents on a trip to the Philippines. We leave for CA on Saturday and leave the country on Monday night. So of course the most urgent thing I have to work on is a bracelet for a girl we already have gifts for. And the next most urgent thing is to blog about it.

Posted by jeffy at July 21, 2006 01:22 AM
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