September 13, 2004

Lost Glove #25

We went to my father-in-law's place in eastern Oregon over the weekend. On Sunday I wandered up the road to visit the site of LG#8. I didn't expect to find the glove since we'd already heard the tale of the towing of the truck on whose running board it had been perched. Sure enough it was nowhere to be seen. I wandered around the locality a bit looking at the junk that accumulates in out-of-sight corners of rural properties, and as I turned to head back toward the house I looked down. At my feet, another one.

knit glove nearly embedded in sandy soil

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September 08, 2004

Voter info

I put together a web site with links to lots of info about everything on our September 14th primary ballot. I'd hoped to get it ready in time for the start of absentee voting, but better late than never.

For the partisan portion of the ballot I only covered the Democrat candidates, so if you plan to vote as a Libertarian or Republican you'll have to hunt your own links for those offices. I've got links for all the candidates in the non-partisan offices. Even though it says it's specific to our precinct, the most specific things on the ballot are our WA 5th legislative district candidates. Almost everything else is state-wide.

Let me know if you find it useful. Let me know too of any other sites you'd find useful. I plan to update it for the general election (November 2nd) once the primary is resolved.

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September 06, 2004

Lost Gloves #23 & 24

I was walking from home to work to get my bike which I'd left at work last week so I could drive the car home which I had left there because my keys were locked inside. Quite the transportational comedy. Anyway, look, a glove.

four fingers and the folded-in thumb of a cheap garden glove

After shooting it I resumed my walk and had only gone 30 feet before I spied its mate down in the ditch. People have started making fun of me for taking these. I have a whole rationale for why I continue to find meaning in photographing misplaced handwear. I'd probably make fun of me too.

squirrel's eye view of a glove in a ditch

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September 02, 2004

Got GMail?

I've got invites. Let me know if you want one.

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