Technical Info

TomeCat was once hosted by DotEasy, but it isn't anymore. Find out why not

TomeCat NOW resides on a dedicated system provided and hosted by wowrack. My cohort, the experienced unix sysadmin, and I get to maintain the OS (Linux, thank you very much), and our network and system uptime has been close to 100%. It's not cheap, but the quality of service is excellent.


All the pages on this site were hand crafted with the world's greatest text editor: vim. (well, there are some auto-generated pages, but they're all generated by scripts which were hand crafted with vim) vim is a near-perfect-superset of the one true unix editor, vi.

Moveable Type logo

My weblog, Mad Times, was powered by Moveable Type which is extremely powerful and relatively easy to use, but the database got corrupted (probably user error) and the licensing changed so I switched to WordPress which is charmingly free, open, and capable.

That's it. If there's anything else you'd like to know, just give a yell.



This page last updated 2/19/2002
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