Emily Thomas's Pastry Performance Test

On May 10th of 2001, Emily Thomas finished her performance test in the South Seattle Community College Pastry and Specialty Baking Program.

This page has pictures and descriptions of the delicacies she prepared all by her self in a mere 16 hours (from 12-9pm and 7am-2pm the next day)

Note that all of the pictures are followed by two links. The first, "Big", leads to a big copy of the same picture (about 720x480). The second, "Huge", leads to a huge copy of the same picture (about 1440x960).

But before we get to the food, here are pictures of Emily with her proud parents and with the rest of her family and friends who had the honor of viewing her creations before anyone had started gobbling them up.

Emily and her proud
Big or Huge
Big or Huge
Emily with her parents, Larry and Ann.
Emily with her parents, both sets of grandparents, her brothers and sister, her aunt and cousins, and a friend or two.

The Food

The food was laid out on two tables in the corner of one of the kitchens at the school. The pictures below show everything that was on the tables as if you were walking from the left end all the way around the L to the right end.

To give you a feel for the overall effect, here's a panorama made up from the individual pictures:

A whole lot of gorgeous food

For each of the individual pictures below, text on the right names the individual confections visible in that picture. The links in this text go to closeup pictures of the comestible named. Unless otherwise noted, the names go from left to right and back to front. Dishes that are mostly out of the picture aren't named for that picture.

You can skip straight to the page with all the closeups

Don't drool too much on your keyboard.

Left-most stuff
Big or Huge
Croissants, Brioche Coffee Cake Ring, Brioche Coffee Cake, Napoleon Slices
Middle-left stuff
Big or Huge
Brioche Coffee Cake Ring, Napoleon Cake, Napoleon Slices, Gateau
Center-left stuff
Big or Huge
Bouchees, Boxes, Gateau, Pitivier
The corner
Big or Huge
The corner
Big or Huge
The photographer couldn't seem to get everything in at the corner.

Boxes, Purse, Shoe, Pitivier, Chocolate Box

The photographer also failed to get any closeups of the Chocolate Box. Sorry about that.

Right center
Big or Huge
Shoe, Swans, Petit Fours, Chocolate Box, Roulade Squares
Right end
Big or Huge
Petit Fours, Lemon Curd Tarts, Bavarian Cake, Roulade Circles

Beautiful (and delicious! Trust me.) food by Emily Thomas
Photos and Web design by Jeff Youngstrom
Text by Jeff Youngstrom with assistance from Emily Thomas
All errors of spelling or terminology are sure to be the fault of the computer geek who typed it all in.

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