Woodworking requirement #1: a place to work wood

When we bought flying house, I was excited by the prospect of having an actual shop with a roof and walls and everything (in our prior domicile, I made do with the car port).

Well, the roof leaks and the walls are flimsy at best, but it's mine, and I think it's salvageable.

Here's a picture from the back of the house.

your basic detatched garage

You might notice that the roof on the right appears to sag. It's supposed to. The part of the building on the right is a shed built (I'm guessing) at the same time as the house (take a look at the house and you'll see how I surmised this). The part on the left (left of the birdhouse under the eaves) is a later addition that wraps two sides of the old shed. This newer addition is sheathed with 3/8" plywood, and that's one of its sturdier features.

The building once had power (which was wired into an outside light fixture on the main house), but it has developed a short somewhere, so now it just has wires. This doesn't bother me too much since I'm determined to perform my woodworking tasks without the assistance of electrically powered devices. Though lights would be nice. Here's what the inside of the shop looks like on a typically gray day, and the same view using the flash:

a dark cave made of wood a brighter cave made of wood

As you can see, I've painted the inside of the building white to take as much advantage of reflected daylight as possible. It really helps quite a bit. Until the sun goes down.

squak mountain and my
house Here's the view out the door from the inside. That's Squak Mountain rising behind the house, it's the middle "peak" along with Tiger Mountain to the East, and Cougar Mountain to the West of what we locals call the Issaquah Alps. It's kind of a funny name for some pretty big hills, but they do have the distinction of having the largest network of public trails in the proximity of any major city in the US. (you can get to the trailhead by a 20 minute bus ride from downtown Seattle or a five-minute walk from my front door *gloat*.) Yes, I need to mow the lawn.



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