October 30, 2003

Blogging considered hazardous to your job

At Microsoft anyway.

According to this article from the PI, Microsoft fired Michael Hanscom after he posted a picture of three pallets of new Mac G5s being delivered to the Redmond campus.

The article says "the post was considered a security risk because a careful reader could decipher from his description the location of the shipping-and-receiving department."

Boggle. Wouldn't having people know the location of your shipping-and-receiving department be sort of required in order for said department to actually do its job?

Sounds like they were looking for an excuse to fire poor Hanscom and came up with a really stupid one.

Posted by jeffy at October 30, 2003 05:53 PM

I read this the other day as well. You have to admit it was rather careless of him to post about his work in such a manner. I think most of the Microsoft employees are required to sign NDAs.

Posted by: tyd at November 5, 2003 07:37 PM
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