July 25, 2005

Hey look, I'm famous!

My name appears in an update to a post on über blog Boing Boing!

The post is about the cutesy art used on some Japanese condom packaging. I was able to point out that one of the packages is a remix of a Kit Kat candy bar wrapper. There's nothing of a NSFW (not safe for work) nature in that post, so you can go look. Some of the package designs are pretty funny.

I also managed to get in the fact that US Kit Kats (made by Hershey) aren't nearly as good as Canadian Kit Kats (made by Nestle, as are the Kit Kats in every other country.)

I was delighted to discover, while looking for a graphic to illustrate the similarity (Xeni chose her own, I must add) that Wikipedia has a page about Kit Kat.

(Other posts on this blog talking about Kit Kats: Niagra! and Hershey, PA. I'm pretty sure I picked up the "Canadian Kit Kat = Good" meme from tyd.)

Posted by jeffy at July 25, 2005 09:50 PM