Tuesday Tiny Techie Tips

From October of 1996 until June of 1997 I wrote a series of thirty weekly-ish unix help pages for my colleagues at work. People seemed to like them.

They were originally organized by date, but that's not real meaningful anymore, so I've reorganized them by topic. If you're new to unix, reading the pages in this order might make some kind of sense. If you have questions or comments you can always email me.

Some of these may be biased towards the flavor of unix I was using when I wrote them (SunOS 4.1.3 before Sun got it into their head to go down the Solaris rat hole). But as basic as these are, they will mostly translate to any unix OS or non-unix running a unix-like toolset.

Some of them are very specific to the particular environment where they were written. I'll clean out those things when I have some time. (probably never)


Operating System Stuff

The Shell(s)



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Tuesday Tiny Techie Tips are all © Copyright 1996-1997 by Jeff Youngstrom. Please ask permission before reproducing any of this material.