Anybody still here?

So the blog turned out to be really and truly hosed. Something I did to the database in my clumsy attempts to cure it actually corrupted it beyond my ability to fix. Sad, but provided the impetus to get something new out here.

So, I’ve slapped in a WordPress engine here and picked a not-too-ugly theme for it.

I’ll figure out how to make it look like I want it to and bring back all my side links and stuff as time goes on, but at least I’ve got enough infrastructure in place to start posting content again. I’ll also be getting some links in place to the old archives since all that content is still sitting here on my server for your nostalgic enjoyment. For now, you can start on the old homepage if you want to see old stuff.

Those of you who read on the site won’t have to change anything. Those of you who read via one of the RSS feeds, please redirect your aggregator to the new feed link:

I might come up with a better link for that later, but that seems to work at least. Sorry it’s just an excerpt. I’ll change it to full-text as soon as I figure out how. Fixed–note new link in the unlikely event you saw the previous incorrect one.

Another advantage of the new software is that commenting should work again, so let me know you found your way here!

More info as things change, and look for some book reviews and gloves and maybe even some other stuff coming soon.