The Issaquah Press, our local weekly newspaper, did an article on local bloggers for their winter “Issaquah Living” insert. Unfortunately it’s not online so I can’t link you to it, but if you’re in the area you might be able to find a copy somewhere.

The author was a little confused about the distinction between my homepage and my blog, but hopefully the curious will have found their way here through the homepage->blog link.

Other area blogs referenced in the article include:

What other Issaquah bloggers were overlooked? I know of these:

and that’s it. There must be more Issaquahnian bloggers out there. Leave a comment.

I liked what Jon Savelle said about my lost glove series:

It’s creepier than it sounds. There is something faintly disturbing about a single, lost glove: a hint of loss, of loneliness, of mishap. Seeing a lot of them only makes it worse, particularly when they are squashed flat in the road or reaching, zombie like, from a pond.