Alice got her third blood test last Friday and we got the results via voicemail on Saturday. To get the impact of this you have to understand that our vet has sort of a morose aspect at the best of times. Think Eeyore and you won’t be too far off. So imagine our delight when his voicemail used the words “phenomenal” and “amazing”. Our little girl is doing well. Here’s the new numbers against the last two checks:

Test 1st test
2nd test
3rd test
“normal” range
BUN > 180 80 48 10-30
Creatinine 14.8 5.3 3.2 0.3-2.1
Phosphorus > 20 10.5 3.9 3.4-8.5
Potassium 3.0 6.2 4.4 3.7-5.8

We haven’t talked to him yet, so we don’t know exactly what this means for her continued health, but it sure looks like a good trend. Based on the exam on Friday we’ve switched her fluid schedule from 100ml daily to 150ml every other day and are monitoring her response to that to see how she does. We’re at the end of the third day of that cycle so it’s a little soon to say. In any event, she’s playful and eating and drinking well. We couldn’t be more pleased.