tattooed babe with coveralls open to her waist holding a big wrench. sigh.Sequel to Briggs’s Moon Called. This one is plotted more like an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but thankfully, the main character, Mercedes “Mercy” Thompson still isn’t like Buffy at all. (not that I don’t like Buffy, but we’ve already got one of those). The story starts off when Stefan, the Tri-Cities’ resident vampire with a sense of humor asks Mercy to accompany him on a visit to another vampire. That vampire has no sense of humor at all.

As with the last book I really enjoyed the relationships in Blood Bound. All the characters interact in ways complicated not only by their own personalities, but also by the social groups they belong to. The werewolf community is especially fascinating with all the shifting levels of dominance and submission. Also fun is the fact that Mercy has men of various races falling at her feet and has so far refused to even think about picking one.

Briggs’s website shows another Mercy book in the pipe with one more under contract plus a couple more books in the same universe planned. Yay!