One for the Money coverFirst of Evanovich’s books about the unlikely bounty hunter Stephanie Plum. Becky had been talking these up for a while and a friend from work with very different tastes from Becky also liked them. Even my mom read a few. So I tossed this in my bag when I had a long bus ride one day. I was able to read over half of the book on my way to lunch and back (which says more about how hard it was to get to lunch on Metro than it does about the book, I know).

Stephanie Plum is at the end of her financial rope when her mother sends her to talk to a loose relation who is a bail bondsman. She goes in looking for a clerical job and instead picks up a bounty hunting contract. She probably wouldn’t have gone after a cop accused of murder who skipped out on his bail, but Stephanie was wronged by the cop in question in a romantic relationship in high school and she kind of holds a grudge.

The writing is snappy and the plot moves right along. Stephanie is an amusing basket of quirks and tics. And there are some pleasingly complex romantic entanglements. Light entertainment.